Mandy Rose BUSTED Doctoring Photo To FAKE Injury From WWE SmackDown


WWE recorded this week and next week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown on April 25th. This is very interesting timing considering Mandy Rose’s apparent injury on SmackDown.

Sonya Deville was all about ruining Mandy Rose’s life as she proclaimed during the attack on SmackDown, but did Deville really do that much damage? Rose tweeted out a gruesome looking cut and a bruise on her leg following SmackDown. The interesting part is that it doesn’t seem to match up with a video she posted earlier that day.

Rose posted a video on Instagram where she wished fans a “Happy Friday.” This was sent out before SmackDown aired, but due to when WWE recorded the episode Rose’s injury should be visible in this video, but it is not.

The Golden Goddess showed her legs in two different shots and they looked just fine without a scratch on them. It is possible that Rose has videos stored on her phone where she’s wishing fans a happy Saturday just to throw them off. That would take an awful lot of planning and foresight that she needs to hide an injury until a segment airs.

Mandy Rose would also need miraculous Wolverine healing powers for her leg to look that healthy days after suffering such a contusion.

It is also possible that Sonya Deville’s attack on Mandy Rose didn’t do all the damage fans thought and Rose was simply showing off some special effects makeup. You can check out the screenshots below and decide for yourself. Something doesn’t seem to 100% add up when comparing the photos.

Do you think Mandy Rose’s injury on WWE SmackDown is legit? Sound off in the comments below.

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