Kayla Braxton Calls Out Scammer Stealing Her Identity To Take Cash From Fans

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Kayla Braxton is very popular within the WWE Universe. Some people even want to be her, but that presents a big problem.

Braxton is apparently running into the same problem that Shayna Baszler and others have experienced. Someone jacked her identity and tried to use a fake account to get cash from fans.

The WWE host had to set the record straight with a very direct post to her Instagram story.

I’m rolling my eyes because this is the 100,000 time I’ve had to do this but here we go:

I DO NOT have a private page if someone messages you to message them on my private page, it’s fake.

I DO NOT have another Instagram — this VERIFIED account is my ONLY accout.

I WOULD NEVER ask you to sent me money so please do not fall for that.

Parody/fan accounts are fine — just don’t pass yourself off as being me.

Be smart, friends.

Hopefully, WWE fans will be smarter and not fall for this. Kayla Braxton is a very busy woman. She doesn’t even have time to find love. She definitely doesn’t have the spare time to log into a separate social media account beg for cash from fans.

Have you been contacted by the phony Kayla Braxton? Sound off in the comments below!

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