Batista Advises Mandy Rose On Proper Use Of Profanity

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Mandy Rose sent out a tweet with a photo of her busted up leg. She showed off the result of Sonya Deville’s attack on SmackDown while providing the following caption: “I took your best beating and that’s all I got? You’re in trouble u jealous bitch.” She might need some pointers according to The Animal.

Batista saw the tweet from Mandy Rose, and he wanted to provide some advice. He wanted her tweets to have the most impact possible, so he helped her out a little bit with her wording.

Damn! What the hell’d I miss?! Also I feel like “you’re in trouble” doesn’t go with” u jealous bitch”.. it’s got be like “Imma beat your ass” u jealous bitch or “whats good” u jealous bitch! Maybe “grow eyes in the back of your head”u jealous bitch or “imma snatch you bald”etc

Mandy Rose’s injury might have been faked. You can check out the photographic evidence and judge for yourself.

It’s nice that Dave Bautista was able to pop onto Mandy Rose’s timeline and provide some guidance. Perhaps this will end up helping Mandy Rose’s Twitter game.

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