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WWE Friday Night SmackDown is not live this week, but it was filmed this week. The company taped tonight’s and next week’s episodes in one shot earlier this week. That being said, Florida approved fans at events so WWE television could change again soon enough.

This week will see two Money In The Bank qualifying matches on SmackDown. Dolph Ziggler vs Otis and Carmella vs Mandy Rose are set to take place.

Daniel Bryan will face King Corbin this week. The New Day will also compete in a non-title match against The Forgotten Sons.


You can check out a bullet point preview from WWE below.

  • Otis and Dolph Ziggler to battle in Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
  • Mandy Rose to meet Carmella in Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
  • Daniel Bryan looks to get payback for Drew Gulak’s loss to King Corbin
  • The New Day welcome The Forgotten Sons to the ring for non-title clash

Opening Segment

Daniel Bryan came out and said that he loves tackling new challenges. This is why he’s so excited about MITB this year. It’s taking place at WWE HQ and this time it’s 6 men and 6 women all fighting at the same time.

Bryan started talking about what fans will see in the WWE HQ including dinosaur bones in Vince McMahon’s office.

Daniel Bryan discussed his history with Money In The Bank. Then he stated how sad he is that Drew Gulak can’t be in the match. King Corbin came out next.

Corbin and Bryan traded some lines back and forth about Corbin’s history with MITB as well. He stated that he will show Bryan that he’s stronger and smarter right now.

King Corbin vs Daniel Bryan

Corbin backed Bryan into the corner and landed some right hands after they got started. Bryan kicked Corbin’s leg and tried to take him down. Then Corbin hit a shoulderblock and Bryan hit the mat.

Bryan hit a dropkick to the knee and then kicked Corbin in the back. Bryan continued to pick Corbin’s leg apart. Bryan let Corbin get to his feet and offered to keep wrestling.

Corbin took Bryan down with a front facelock and then Bryan transitioned out of it. They continued and Corbin continued to pummel Bryan while calling him a disappointment. He said “you need a coach? You’re washed up!” as he continued to beat on Bryan.

Corbin placed Bryan on the top rope and knocked him to the floor with a right hand before sending Bryan into the post. Commercial break.

King Corbin continued to keep Daniel Bryan down until the commercial break ended. Then they got to their feet where Corbin quickly knocked Bryan back down. Daniel got free from a Razor’s Edge looking move and he rolled up Corbin for a two count. Corbin continued to keep Bryan down despite small glimpses that Bryan was fighting out of it.

Corbin went for his run around the post spot and Bryan hit a suicide dive on him. Bryan soon had an ankle lock on Corbin as the 2019 King Of The Ring struggled to get free. Corbin took a kick to the face for a two count.

Bryan started picking Corbin apart with kicks. Then he hit a dropkick to the corner, but Corbin nailed a Deep 6 as a counter for a two count.

Corbin tried to get free, but ended up in a half Boston Crab, but King Corbin got to the ropes. Bryan started stomping Corbin on the apron and then he hit another suicide dive. Corbin caught him, but Bryan kicked his knee. Corbin hit Bryan with a ladder and the match was called off.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via DQ

Corbin wasn’t done after the match. He rolled Bryan in the ring and tried to hit an End Of Day on a ladder, but was reversed into a Yes Lock on the latter. Shinsuke Nakamura jumped in and took out Bryan as Cesaro grabbed a ladder and drove him out of the ring.

Corbin brought Bryan up the ramp and threw him into a pool of ladders.

Braun Strowman Segment

The Universal Champion walked out and he looked pumped.

Braun said we took a trip down memory lane last week. His past with the Wyatt Family is just that, the past.

Then a Firefly Fun House started.

Bray waved hello and said hello to Braun. Then it was storytime. Tonight’s story was called The Black Sheep. Yowie Wowie.

He told a story about the black sheep on a farm looking like he needed direction. The shepherd protected the black sheep and they had a lot of fun together. Then a “Selfish black sheep left” looking for other thing. He didn’t even leave a note. Wyatt said the shepherd was very sad.

The story had a sad ending because the shepherd didn’t find the black sheep. He suggested that he will take Braun to the slaughterhouse. Braun said he’s done with the puppets.

Braun said if Wyatt has anything to say then he can say it to his face. Bray Wyatt decided to wave “goodbye” instead.

Sheamus vs Poor Fella (Leon Ruff)

Sheamus won very easily. They hyped Sheamus’ tension with Jeff Hardy during commentary. Sheamus had a bit of fun with his enhancement talent. He beat on his chest in a major way before setting him up for the Brogue Kick.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match was over, Sheamus stalked Michael Cole again and trash-talked Jeff Hardy before they played another part in his on-going series of vignettes.

Cole said that Hardy will be on SmackDown next week. Sheamus said so will he.

Mandy Rose vs Carmella

They had a little exchange early on where Mella took control. Then she moonwalked away. Mella nailed a kick of the head for a two count. Then she continued to keep Rose down.

Mandy bodyslammed Carmella for a two count before latching on a chinlock. Then Sonya Deville’s music hit. Sonya came out on a microphone and was distracting while talking about their friendship.

This time last year Sonya gave Mandy Rose her MITB ladder match spot. Mandy nailed a backbreaker on Carmella as Sonya droned on. Mandy said that Carmella is probably going to beat her. Then Mella hit a spear while Sonya said she’ll just watch the show.

Then Deville went off on Rose she “karma’s a bitch, bitch bring it on.” Then Carmella hit a superkick and won.

Winner: Carmella

Deville rushed the ring and destroyed Mandy Rose. She bounced Rose off the ring post and the stairs. Then Deville landed another stiff kick.

Otis went to go check on Mandy Rose. She was rather beat up.

Otis ran into Dolph Ziggler in the hallway. He asked Otis if Mandy is okay. Otis didn’t say anything. He just stood there and breathed heavily.

The New Day vs Forgotten Sons

The Miz and Morrison came out before this match could start. Then they took a seat on commentary. Corey told Cole that they want nothing to do with him so he can keep his social distance.

Steve Cutler and Big E started it out. Big E overpowered Cutler and tagged Kofi. They continued to battle back and forth, but Kofi hit a dropkick in the corner.

The Forgotten Sons started tagging in and out as they continued to work on Kingston. Then Big E got the tag and he hit a couple belly to belly throws on Wesley Blake.

The New Day took control when we came back from commercial. Big E hit a splash for a two count. Then Cutler went around the ring, but Big E got back in. Then Wesley Blake nailed a suicide dive on Big E.

The Forgotten Sons got a double team and a two count as Miz and Morrison trash talked them on commentary.

Big E started taking a lot of submission and pummeling damage from Blake. Then Big E put Wesley Blake into the corner. He isolated Big E so he couldn’t make the tag. Suddenly, Big E landed a uranage and got a tag off to Kingston.

Kofi rallied and hit a Boom Drop. Then Kofi took out Blake as Cutler nailed a backbreaker for a two count. The continued and Kofi missed a dive off the top. Then he turned around and hit a chest stomp for a two count.

Blake tagged in and the Forgotten Sons hit a driving elbow tandem move. Kofi kicked out at two. Kofi got loose and he put the Forgotten Sons outside. Kofi tagged Big E and then he launched Kofi into Blake and Cutler.

Big E went for a spear to the outside, but he missed. Then Big E was sent into the ring steps on Raw for good measure. The Forgotten Sons hit two more dominating tag team moves. Then the Forgotten Sons pinned the champions clean.

Winners: The Forgotten Sons

Tamina Snuka cut a promo backstage saying that it took 4 women to beat her at WrestleMania. She won’t be intimidated and then Banks distracted Tamina so Bayley could jump her. They sent Tamina into some crates backstage and Lacey Evans ran up to fight Banks. The did a huge pull-apart backstage that was a lot of people all over each other during social distancing.

Sonya Deville said that Ziggler will screw Otis out of his spot too. Ziggler said he’s not a buy guy just because he sees how the world works. He said “guts like Otis” get sympathy likes and they start to believe that means more than talent. Ziggler cut an amazing promo here about how he’s gonna win and go on to win MITB, again. He plans to make Mandy Rose “Feel better” after her beatings from Deville.

Otis vs Dolph Ziggler

Otis took a beating to Dolph Ziggler early on. Ziggler sold like a champ. Then Otis sent Ziggler into the turnbuckle.

Dolph finally moved out of the way during a charge to the turnbuckle and Otis went to the floor.

The continued and Otis took control. Dolph sold for a bit, They continued on and both ended up on the mat after a Zig Zag. Suddenly, Otis caught Ziggler and he hit a throw and a Caterpillar and then he got the win.

Winner: Otis

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