Ryback Says Going To WWE Human Resources About Complaint Is ‘Career Suicide’

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An anonymous letter was sent to Orange County officials recently. This letter was written by someone named “John” claiming to be a WWE employee. It was said that the company is forcing employees to work without observing social distancing during a pandemic. WWE was quick to shut this allegation down. They said human resources is always there for anyone who has an issue. According to Ryback, WWE’s HR is a joke.

During Conversations With The Big Guy, Ryback stated that WWE’s HR department is “non existent.” If someone does go to human resources about an issue it’s likely not going to work out well for them at all. He called it “career suicide” for any Superstar who lodges a complaint.

“HR for WWE is non existent. Never even heard of it, and if you did go to them? What do you think’s gonna happen, realistically? They know, but nobody under contract is going to go do that. If you go to HR? It is career suicide. That’s the reality of the situation. WWE is going to say, ‘no, the talent have a choice.’ The majority of them are going to publicly…they can’t say anything other than what they [WWE] say. They [the talent] would either be quiet, or speak proactively on the situation.”

There are a few reasons why someone would go to human resources. Generally, none of those reasons result in a good look for the company.

According to Ryback, little is done to help smooth out complaints if they do come their way. In fact, the opposite might be true of the situation.

Would you complain to WWE’s human resources department? Sound off in the comments section below!

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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