Florida Governor Talks Pulling For WWE So They Keep Investing In State


WWE is an essential business in Florida. Linda McMahon’s Super PAC also promised $18.5 million to Tampa and Orlando. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants to keep WWE happy for a number of reasons.

During a recent press conference, Ron DeSantis stated that he can see a window where live events will return by June or July.

DeSantis also stated that he pulled to have WrestleMania take place in Florida as well as keeping WWE going in Orlando at the Performance Center. He wants to keep that good relationship so WWE will continue to invest in the state.

“You would do more like have limited seating in bars, but not have people freelance together. You would do some social distancing at larger venues. I would like to get to a point, I’m not saying we’re gonna get it by May — I helped recruit… I wanted the wrestling to be filmed in Orlando — I wanted them to do WrestleMania — they were gonna do WrestleMania in April, that’s hundreds of millions of dollars — I wanna keep that good relationship. I want them to invest in Florida.”

WWE definitely picked the right state for their Performance Center. They are not only deemed essential in Florida, but the state’s Governor Ron DeSantis is going to do everything in his power to keep the company’s activities protected.

What do you think about Florida’s essential business status? Sound off in the comments below!

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