Mick Foley Shocked By Drew McIntyre’s Foul Language On WWE RAW


Mick Foley is known for being cheery and carrying the Holiday spirit around with him where ever he goes. He was quite shocked when he heard Drew McIntyre drop the S-Bomb on WWE Raw.

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WWE started allowing their Superstar to drop the S-Bomb during their shows in recent weeks. They are typically allowed a couple per episode, but Foley might not have received the memo.

After McIntyre told Seth Rollins that he is “full of sh*t” during RAW this week, Mick Foley tweeted out wondering when this rule changed.

Did he say what I think he just said? Can we say that on TV?

AEW started using S-Bombs during their show and then WWE soon followed. It’s not confirmed that All Elite Wrestling opened the doors for WWE Superstars to start saying sh*t on television, but the timing of things is pretty convenient.

Let’s see if Mick Foley comes back to WWE television and drops an S-Bomb just because he can.

Do you like WWE Superstars dropping more profanities on television? Sound off in the comments below!

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