AEW Star Isn’t Impressed With New WWE Video Game


The new WWE 2K Battlegrounds game was officially announced yesterday, with the plan being for the new series to replace WWE 2K21 – this year, at the very least.

It’s a revelation that hasn’t exactly gone down all too well, with many members of the WWE Universe voicing their displeasure after seeing the first teaser trailer.

The poor reaction to the game actually extends beyond just WWE fans, too.

Big Swole is actually someone we could imagine having some success in WWE, but right now, she’s busy making a name for herself with All Elite Wrestling.

Whether or not she is able to become the face of their women’s division remains to be seen, but she’s definitely one of their most intriguing stars.

As for Battlegrounds, it’s really hard to get a decent idea of what this game is actually going to look like until we’re playing it ourselves.

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