Triple H Says WWE WrestleMania Needs To Be Two Nights

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WrestleMania 36 was a very unique experience. The company produced two nights of pro wrestling action. That idea seems to work for a lot of people.

While speaking to After The Bell, Triple H discussed how WrestleMania 36 worked as a two-day event. If you ask him he would implement this schedule for future WrestleMania events as well.

“Well, I mean my opinion is my opinion, but I think it was much more enjoyable than the eight-hour extravaganza. I think at some point that is probably what it should be. It’s just become so big. When you think about it, in a way, it started out as a concert that ended up being a festival, and it’s this week-long thing. When you think about it in that manner now, you know, the Thursday would have been Hall of Fame, Friday was SmackDown, Saturday was going to be Takeover, Sunday would have been WrestleMania [and] Monday would have been RAW. It’s a week-long festival, and I think that big main-stage attraction needs to be those two nights and it’d be this weekend of events.”

“I do think that’s probably a change that that out of chaos comes the genius and maybe that is the genius of it. And I know there’s been people saying that for a period of time, but that’s a major shift, and it doesn’t come easy. I think people in the world look at stuff like that. They go, ‘why don’t they just make it two nights?’ Yeah, because that’s really easy. There you go two nights.”

WWE can also enjoy two nights of WrestleMania activity on social media instead of one. Each night of WrestleMania could give them different opportunities to trend on social media and add to their digital engagement numbers. That is something the company prides themselves on as well.

How do you think WrestleMania would work as two nights from this point on? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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