Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Parody Segment From WWE RAW This Week

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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are no longer WWE Superstars. They watched this week’s episode of Raw and then they had a little bit of fun at the Viking Raiders’ expense.

Erik and Ivar were featured in a segment this week on Raw that was a bit confusing. The Viking Raiders were driving a car while Ivar ate an oversized turkey leg. They did a chant for their team and that was the end of it. When Gallows and Anderson saw that segment it was too hard to pass up an opportunity to parody it.

The Good Brothers dropped a short video where they parodied The Viking Raiders. The two also promoted their Talk N’ Shop podcast. It was pretty funny and they played the segment off well.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are productively spending their time together. They are obviously still a team and ready to do their thing as soon as their non-compete clauses end in July.

Where do you want to see Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson go next? Sound off in our comments section below!

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