Lana Rips On WWE Marketing Team


Lana is not happy about the fact that WWE snubbed her and Bobby Lashley once again. She took to Twitter and let everyone know about it.

The Ravishing Russian might be on the outs with husband Bobby Lashley. The All Mighty has seemed to grow frustrated with Lana in the last few weeks.

Lana is standing by her man as she jumped on social media and chastised WWE’s marking team. They didn’t include Lashley or Lana on the Money In The Bank poster. This is an infraction that Lana had to call a lot of attention toward.

I really question the entire existence of @WWE marketing team. In this poster MY Bobby isn’t in here and ME …. L.A.N.A isn’t in here! Everything that MY BOBBY &
I do is ratings even when we don’t try! And when we try WE BREAK the internet! And trend for an entire week !

Lana and Lashley aren’t presently booked for Money In The Bank. That can always change in the weeks to come, but WWE’s marketing team didn’t have a reason to include them.

Do you think Lana should be the focus of every WWE event poster? Sound off in our new and improved comments section!

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