Sunny Claps Back At Fans Following Backlash Over Comments About WWE Releases

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WWE had to release a lot of people today. If you want a list of on-screen losses you can click here. More releases are expected, at least on the WWE NXT brand.

Sunny saw the news that a number of WWE Superstars and producers lost their jobs today. She sent out a couple of tweets on the matter.

Tammy Lynn Sytch was fired from WWE in the past. That’s not the only company she was fired from either. She went on to say that some of the people who were fired are her friends and she hopes to see them on the indies soon.

Some fans called this tweet from Sunny “tone deaf.” Others brought up her recent comments about Ashley Massaro not being able to date for money anymore.

Then Sunny followed it up with another message directed toward fans who were throwing shade. The WWE Hall Of Famer said that those people are “a bunch of pansies for even commenting negatively.”

sorry to hear about all the firings in the WWE…some of them are friends… oh well, see you all on the indies soon!!

people, its a fact of life.. You get hired, you get fired. At least they had a chance that not many people in this world would have. Y’all are a bunch of pansies for even commenting negatively. No one can stay in the WWE forever.

This is a sad time for the world, and today was a bad day for WWE. We will have to see what’s next for those people who were released today, but Sunny can’t wait to see them on the indies. We can’t wait for events to open up on the indies once again as well.

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