Sunny Tired Of Men Asking Her To ‘Date’ For Money – ‘I’m Not Ashley Massaro’

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Tammy Sytch, WWE Hall Of Famer Sunny just got out of jail a few weeks ago. She was incarcerated for nearly a year. While she was behind bars, Ashley Massaro tragically took her own life. This is apparently not out of bounds for Sunny.

Sytch jumped on Facebook and she had a statement to make. She’s tired of people messaging her and asking to “meet up.” We can only assume that they don’t want to meet up just to talk about her WWE career.

She stated that if it happens again, she’ll shoot coronavirus all over them with a t-shirt cannon.

Then Sunny took a shot at Ashley Massaro while alleging that she used to “date” for money before stating that “she doesn’t do it anymore.” The usage of an ellipsis gives off the impression that she was referencing Massaro’s passing.

If I get one more email asking me to “meet up” or “date” for money, I swear I’m gonna get the Coronavirus in one of those t-shirt shooters and spread it to all of them… Just because I’m famous doesn’t mean I’m an escort. You must have me confused with Ashley Massaro… and she doesn’t do it anymore.

It has to be frustrating for Sunny to receive these kind of messages. It was quite a controversial statement to make on a couple levels.

Tammy Sytch made it very clear that she doesn’t date people for money. The fact that she brought Ashley Massaro into things is another matter completely.

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