Florida Governor Dismisses Claims WWE Received Favors Due To Donald Trump Connection

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WWE is considered an essential service in the state of Florida. Any production with a closed set and a national broadcast also falls under this category. The timing of a Linda McMahon ran Super PAC promising $18.5 million to Tampa and Orlando is quite interesting.

Vince McMahon was also named on a committee for President Trump which will be responsible in re-opening America.

During a press conference today, Florida Governor Don DeSantis was asked if Vince McMahon’s relationship with Donald Trump has anything to do with WWE being considered an essential service. He said that it did not, but his support for essential entertainment doesn’t stop at WWE.

“Here’s the thing I support things — NASCAR, I’ve spoken to Lisa Kennedy. I’d like to do things the public would like to see — it’s gonna be on TV! I’m not suggesting that you full up Daytona speedway right now. I’m not suggesting you do, but if there is content that can be created then I think that’s a good thing. Even Dr. Fauci said that television is a good thing.”

“There’s not a lot for people to look at right now and you do start to see that this starts to wear on some people after a while. So, my view would be let’s do what we have to do to stop the spread to flatten the curve, but at the same time, you can give people some outlets maybe that’s with programs on TV maybe that’s with essential activities which I’ve supported since the beginning where you go for a run, you get out, you do things as long as you’re not with other folks.”

“So that’s part of the deal and obviously people can look up who supported me and if they didn’t then it would be really hard to draw that connection at that point. Not that it would be legitimate anyway, but the factual predicate isn’t even there.”

The McMahon family did not support Governor Ron DeSantis when he ran for office. DeSantis said that since they didn’t support him then it’s impossible to draw this conclusion. The question was about Vince McMahon’s ties to Donald Trump, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue either.

What do you think about WWE’s recent moves both in the business world and political realm? Sound off in the comments section!

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