Steve Austin Reveals Unfortunate Accident

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Steve Austin is stuck in isolation like so many others. Since he’s the Rattlesnake, there is usually alcohol around. Unfortunately, he is down one bottle after an unfortunate accident.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently updated fans that he had a “slight miscalculation.” A bottle ended up on the ground and shattered. This was a mistake, but now he won’t get to make margaritas.

Slight miscalculation unloading the truck. The glass broke. And it was my bottle of Grand Marnier for my BSR margaritas. Son of a bitch..

Austin will likely be okay, but this is definitely still a bummer. It just goes to show that everyone is capable of committing a party foul.

Can you relate to what happened to Steve Austin? What do you usually do in this situation? Sound off in the comments below!

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