Bray Wyatt Challenges Braun Strowman For WWE Universal Title On SmackDown

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown ended this week with Braun Strowman defeating Shinsuke Nakamura. Then he got a big surprise.

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After Braun Strowman won his match, a Firefly Fun House segment started. After Wyatt took a little dig at John Cena, he said he was happy for Strowman.

The Fiend’s lamp tried saying something to Bray Wyatt. Then Wyatt said he brought Strowman in from the swamp and gave him a home. He said Strowman turned his back on him. He thought he could forgive him though. He just wanted an apology from the Universal Champion.

Mercy The Buzzard, Abby The Witch, and Huskus The Pig Boy didn’t want to forgive Braun Strowman. Ramblin Rabbit said Braun’s a good guy and then Wyatt told him to shut up. Bray Wyatt was just looking for an apology, that’s all.

Braun Strowman wouldn’t give Bray Wyatt an apology at all.

Bray Wyatt said his next lesson is about sharing. He wants the Universal Title back on his shoulder. He said “as one circle closes another one begins again and since I brought you into this world then I’m the one who will take you out.”

Before Bray Wyatt’s segment ended, Strowman said he’s ready to let Wyatt in whenever he wants.

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