Charly Caruso Jokes About Why She’s Single

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You never know who will respond to a tweet. Once you send a message out into the internet any number of people can react including a global restaurant chain from the Yum Brands.

Charly Caruso recently jumped on Twitter and answered a fan’s question. They wanted to know what Charly’s go-to Taco Bell order is. Caruso is a woman who knows what she wants and it didn’t take her very long at all to reveal her favorite menu items.

Chicken quesadilla, cheesy gordita crunch and two nacho cheese doritos tacos locos. Oh and cinnamon twists. #yoquierotacobell @tacobell

Taco Bell saw that tweet pop up in their verified mentions and they said that Caruso has “fire tastes.” They also used a fire emoji to set it off.

“Thank you! Probably why Iā€™m still single,” Charly Caruso replied.

It’s interesting she said that since Angel Garza seems to be getting pretty good at swooning Charly Caruso during WWE television. It’s probably not going to amount to much since Angel Garza is engaged in real life. At least he knows what Charly wants in case they go on a Taco Bell date.

For the record, Charly likes things spicy.

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