WWE Won’t Work With DDP Because He Helped AEW

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DDP is a WWE Hall Of Famer, but the company probably isn’t going to call him anymore. He’s been on AEW programming a couple of times and helped Cody Rhodes out. That’s not something WWE is very fond of.

While speaking to Alex McCarthy in a yet-to-be-released interview, DDP revealed that WWE won’t work with him anymore.

DDP tells #talkWRESTLING that WWE won’t work with him at the moment because ‘I helped out Cody’.

He says without Dusty Rhodes there is no DDP, so it was a no brainer for him.

DDP and Dusty Rhodes were close. This is why DDP cornered for Cody Rhodes in big match situations in AEW. It didn’t take any thought at all for DDP to help Cody Rhodes out.

WWE might not like that, but Page is also in a position where he really doesn’t need WWE to have his back in order to maintain his livelihood.

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