Title Changes Hands At WWE WrestleMania 36

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WrestleMania was going along just fine and then R-Truth showed up and he was pretty anxious. Truth is still running as WWE 24/7 Champion, but he trusted the wrong people.

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R-Truth ran up to Mojo Rawley and Rob Gronkowski as they were doing a little speaking spot mid-way through the first night of WrestleMania. Then R-Truth asked if they could help him hide.

Mojo hit R-Truth and then Gonk tried to get the pin. Mojo pulled Gronk off and pinned R-Truth instead. Mojo Rawley won the WWE 24/7 Championship at WrestleMania 36.

Rob Gronkowski didn’t look too happy about this. Mojo winning the title is notable. Not only is this his second run with that title, but it appears the WWE 24/7 Champion is headed to SmackDown on FOX after it was an idea from the USA Network initially.

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