Val Venis Blasts Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Calling Them Communism

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Val Venis was able to keep his name out of controversy for a few weeks. Now he has re-emerged with another platform and a mission to speak out against how everyone is handling the novel coronavirus.

We previously reported that Val Venis called to abolish the government because WrestleMania was “destroyed.” He went on to take some big shots at the Trump administration’s Coronavirus Stimulus Checks.

After saying that Coronavirus Stimulus Checks sound like communism, he sent out another post wondering where America is coming up with the money.

The Trump Paycheck protection program sound really communistic to me.

Stockholm Syndrome Suffering Simpletons: Government will pay me $1200 USD.

Me: Where is your government getting the money to pay you?

Val Venis has spoken out about several controversial subjects in the past. He was quite vocal about how All Elite Wrestling was using Nyla Rose as their Women’s World Champion. Now he is weighing in on the current coronavirus pandemic.

You can use the comments below to say Val Venis has his own kind of stimulus package.

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