Cable Companies Finally Figure Out WWE WrestleMania Price

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WWE split WrestleMania 36 into 2 nights. This was a big shock, but it was due to current circumstances. It wasn’t something that the cable companies saw coming.

This change for WrestleMania caused cable companies to set prices across the board. Some had both nights for $59 while another had one night for $9.99, but the next night was $59.

Now F4W Online reports that the cable companies have finally landed on the recommended price that WWE sent down for them.

Verizon has changed it to $29.99 per night. DirecTV is listing it as $34.95 per night sold separately. Comcast has changed to $34.95 per night as well.

We’ll have to see if WWE ever makes WrestleMania a 2-night event again. Hopefully, if WWE decides to go this direction for the show of shows the reason won’t have anything to do with a global pandemic.

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