The coronavirus is making a lot of people panic. The best thing anyone can do is stay calm, sanitized, and isolate. Others want to buy up all the paper products that a Dollar Tree can get.

Click here to read what Paige had to say about people who buy up all the toilet paper.

Gail Kim replied to a video showing a woman hoarding every paper towel and roll of toilet paper that a Dollar Tree had before yelling “Go Trump!” at the top of her lungs.

“I just don’t get the point of this and also why are these retailers allowing this?”


One fan read this message and unloaded on her.

Yeah because all us Trump supporters are uneducated pieces of sh*t like this. I voted Trump and will again, and I don’t do this. I handed out masks and special eyewear to elderly people in my community and even risk my own ass buying groceries for people in the high risk group.

Gail Kim fired back at this fan. They must have been mistaken about the intention of her tweet.

Where did I say that? Never said anything about the Trump part. I actually wasn’t even concerned about that part. It was the hoarding.

This is a very trying time for a lot of people. We can only hope that everyone will learn to treat each other much better no matter who they plan on voting for in November.

Felix Upton

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