Paige is very observant and she can see what is going on in America right now. People are going insane prepping for the coronavirus. Buying a ton of toilet paper seems to be on everyone’s list.

This has got to stop according to Paige.

Paige tweeted out in disgust about how rude some people can be by hoarding all the supplies. If you’re one of the people who went out and bought all the toilet paper without leaving a square to spare, then you’re an asshole according to Paige.

You realize buying an outrageous amount of toilet paper and not leaving any for other people makes you an asshole. Be considerate. When stuff starts going down you instantly see people’s true colors. It’s wild.

We hope everyone stays safe out there. It is a scary time, but there have to be limits. Paige makes a valid point because through everything it is important to remember respect for others.

Felix Upton

Felix Upton has been writing professionally since 1989. His first writing job was penning advertisements for local newspapers around New York. After selling his grandfather’s pinball repair shop back in 2017, he was hired on for publish news for Ringside News.

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