WWE has some big decisions to make very soon when it comes to how they are going to handle WrestleMania. They aren’t giving their fans or employees much time at all to plan ahead.

Tampa will meet next week to see what is going to happen with the show of shows. The April 5th event might be rescheduled. We have big reason to believe that they might decide to hold the event in an arena instead.

WWE employees are growing a bit impatient according to Brad Shepard. They want a concrete decision from the company. It seems like a waiting game at this point as Vince McMahon wants Tampa to “force his hand” so he can have someone to blame.

Employees want a concrete decision to work with, and it feels like Vince is waiting for Tampa/Florida to force his hand, so he can blame them if plans change.
– One main issue is the work leading up to WrestleMania. For example, the entrance set takes about 10 days to build.


“Are we really about to send a crew down there to start all that?”

Vince McMahon obviously doesn’t want to cancel WrestleMania. Nobody wants any aspect of this entire global pandemic to be happening. It would be very helpful if Vince McMahon makes a decision soon.

It takes a very long time to build the WrestleMania stage they have planned as well.

We can only hope that everyone stays strong and healthy through everything. We also thank you for reading all about this strange time in pro wrestling/world history right here on Ringside News.

H Jenkins

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