Alexa Bliss is really into piercings and tattoos. She recently changed up her ear piercing and added to her collection. She also has a growing number of tattoos, but most of them are white.

Click here to get view of one of Bliss’ biggest tattoos that she recently got.

Alexa Bliss recently answered a fan’s question about her piercings. They wanted to know if her new piercings hurt. Her reply: “Like a b****.”

Then another fan fired off a criticism of Bliss’ affinity for body modification. He said: “I just do not get the whole thing about piercing your ears like that, or Tattoos which you have many clear ones.”


Bliss had a reply for this fan. First off, her tattoos are not clear, they’re done with white ink. The only way someone can see her tattoos is if they are close enough. Shen then remarked that this fan will never be able to see them.

And u don’t have to [peace fingers emoji] they’re not clear, you just have to be close enough to see them. Which you won’t be [kissing lips emoji]

Alexa Bliss doesn’t seem phased at all by this critique. If anything, it might give her more motivation to get additional white ink tattoos.

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