Nyla Rose is AEW Women’s World Champion. She is also the first transgender person to win a major pro wrestling title for a North American company. This is something that she is taking seriously as Rose tries to inform people of what her experience has been like.

While speaking to Talk Is Jericho, Nyla Rose spoke about how transitioning was hard for her mother. She said her mother thought that she would be a cross-dresser “eccentric, yeah, or probably gay.”

The fact that Nyla Rose transitioned into a transgender woman was hard for her mother to accept at first. She always wanted a son and that was a contributing factor to why Nyla Rose kept the secret from her mother for as long as she did.

“So that was pretty interesting. My mom always thought it was going to go as far as being a cross-dresser. She just thought that that’s what it was. Everybody just thought I was going to be eccentric, yeah, or probably gay!”


“So my mom always knew and when I came out, she was upset because she always wanted a son and that was part of what took so long for me to come out to her is because I knew how much she wanted a son and I never wanted to take that away from her. I just felt it was selfish of me.”

Nyla Rose’s mother was able to accept her status, but it apparently took some time. This is a very personal subject that people feel strongly about for different reasons. Luckily, Nyla Rose was able to find herself surrounded by supporting people.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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