WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – February 28th, 2020

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Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown on FOX. Please keep refreshing throughout the show for constant updates once it kicks off at 8:00 PM EST.

WWE Super ShowDown was yesterday. The WWE roster made it back to the United States and they’re ready for SmackDown in Boston.

John Cena will be on the show this week. He said that he has no idea what to expect. We have a pretty good idea as a WrestleMania program with The Fiend approaches..

Goldberg will also be on Friday Night SmackDown this week. He will likely have some celebrating to do.

Speaking of celebrating, The Miz and John Morrison recaptured Tag Team Gold after over 10 years since their last tag team title win. They will likely be very happy about tonight.

Bayley will also likely have something to say tonight, but she will probably be in a very sore mood if she has to wrestle. The SmackDown Women’s Champion already stated that she doesn’t want to attend SmackDown this week.


The new Universal Champion came out. The Fiend belt is gone and the blue title is back. Then again, it was back as soon as he won it. Convenient that they brought both belts to ringside even though The Fiend only carried his custom to the ring.

Goldberg started to talk and he got some boos. He said “do not be mistaken. It’s not about who was last. It’s all about who’s next.”

Then he dropped the mic and Roman Reigns came out.

Roman stood there and they had a face to face for a moment. The crowd went mild. Then Roman Reigns said: “I’m next.” Mic drop. Hit Roman’s music. That’s it.

They played a clip of John Cena’s 2002 debut. They’re really hyping Cena’s appearance tonight.

Bayley vs Naomi

Bayley took the mic and said it’s ridiculous and she shouldn’t even have to be there today. Then Bayley introduced Sasha Banks as a future Grammy Award winner.

The match got started quickly and Naomi returned fire with a rear view and then Banks jumped in. It was a two on one account until Lacey Evans ran down.

Referees broke it up and it was restarted as a tag team match.

Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Lacey Evans & Naomi

This match started out with dual dropkick to the outside from Evans and Naomi followed by stereo dives on Banks and Bayley.

Naomi started taking abuse from Bayley and Banks and they isolated her. Banks was able to keep Naomi from making the tag as she tagged in and out with Bayley to keep a fresh woman in the match for the heels.

Bayley nailed a mule kick and a jawjacker, but Banks held on. Then Naomi finally made the tag and Evans came in fired up with kicks and a slingshot elbow drop from the apron.

Evans hit a Bronco Buster and tagged Naomi who hit a cross body for a two count. Banks sent Evans outside and hit a backstabber on Naomi. Then Evans dragged Banks outside the ring and they brawled.

Naomi kicked Bayley and hit a sunset flip pin for the win.

Winners: Naomi & Lacey Evans

They played another John Cena clip. This time John Cena vs JBL at WrestleMania 21 when he won the WWE Title.

Kofi Kingston vs Robert Roode

Roode hit a shoulder block for a one count and then he got a headlock. Then Roode took control with some strikes and chops. He was working slowly.

Kofi landed on his feet off a flip from Roode and then Kofi caught an arm before Roode turned it back around and landed an elbow to the back of the head.

Kofi landed an elbow after a drop down and leap frog combo off the ropes. Ziggler went to the apron and distracted the referee. Roode rolled outside and he kicked the steel steps and laid down acting like Big E attacked him. This caused the referee to kick Big E out. That was some nice heel action.

When we came back from commercial Robert Roode had Kofi in another headlock.

They showed Mandy Rose backstage watching the match as Corey Graves talked about how Mandy is Dolph’s new “main squeeze.”

Kofi returned fire with a dropkick finally and Roode went to the apron and caught Kofi’s neck with the top ropes for a two count.

Roode tried to suplex Kofi, but Kingston fought out. Then Roode punched him in the ribs and finally got that suplex. He sat on the top rope and mocked Kofi with the New Day Rocks claps. He went for a kneedrop, but Kofi moved and went to the apron.

Then Kingston hit a springboard chop and a dropkick and a clothesline. He hit a Boom Drop and got hyped up. He missed Trouble In Paradise and then Kofi hit a crossbody off the top for a two count.

Roode nailed a Full Nelson slam to counter an SOS for a two count. They fought up top and Roode was sent down. Kofi jumped down and Roode hit a spinebuster for another near fall.

Kofi blocked a Glorious DDT and hit the SOS, but Dolph put Roode’s foot across the ropes. Then Roode rolled up Kofi for the win.

Winner: Robert Roode

They showed Mandy and Sonya Deville watching backstage. Sonya said: “Your man seems happy.” Dolph Ziggler was celebrating with Roode.

They showed Otis watching backstage and he was sad. Tucker showed up. He said there’s something not right about Mandy going out with Ziggler. Tuky said “sometimes the guy doesn’t get the girl, sometimes Dolph Ziggler gets the girl. I think you gotta let Mandy go.” Then Tucker said that they’re gonna get Otis out there and get him the love that he deserves. Otis said: “Oh yeah, Tucky, you’re right.”

They played another John Cena highlight. This time it was his match against the Rock at WrestleMania in MetLife Stadium.

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