Alexa Bliss Comments On Criticism About How WWE Is Using Her On SmackDown

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Alexa Bliss gets a fair amount of television time, but she’s not wrestling like she once did. A Moment Of Bliss segments are nice, but they aren’t the old biting promos she used to cut.

One fan commented about how WWE is using Alexa Bliss. They said: ” You know what makes me more sad the fact that she seems happy with what she’s doing right now witch is nothing important.”

Bliss saw this comment and she commented. Bliss said it’s interesting that someone would say she’s complacent. She also said that she doesn’t write the show which gives us the impression that she’d rather be doing something else.

That’s a bold statement there. so you’re saying I’m complacent …? It’s not my show. I don’t write it unfortunately

Alexa Bliss had a concerning string of injuries and a concussion kept her out of the ring for a while. WWE obviously wants to see her have a very long career with the company. If that means Bliss needs to play a different role then that will need to happen. It doesn’t mean that Alexa Bliss is 100% thrilled about it.

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