Alexa Bliss experienced a couple of unfortunate concussions in a very short time frame and it cost her a lot of time in the ring. Now WWE wants to make sure that she stays as safe as possible.

During an interview with Sky Sports, Alexa Bliss discussed her return from concussion. She wants to be very careful this time around because the brain is an interesting thing unlike a muscle or a bone, therefore, you really never know how fast a brain will heal.

“I want to be cautious and careful, because when you get a concussion you can get very easily re-concussed. I found that out very clearly. It’s a brain. It’s not like an ankle you can tape up and you know the time frame that it’s going to heal. Some people heal in a week, some people heal in a year.”

Alexa Bliss went on to discuss how she had to re-acclimate herself to the ring following her concussions. She must limit herself in a way which means some of her more dangerous moves and bumps might not be allowed anymore


“You have to find a balance. There are certain things in the ring that now I know that I probably shouldn’t do anymore, because the risk outweighs the reward, you know what I mean? So, there are certain moves that I probably shouldn’t and there are moves that are totally fine, whatever, but that’s more of just me policing myself.”

Alexa Bliss said that she won’t be taking any more buckle bombs in the ring anymore either. She said that “powers that be” told her not to take anymore of those after she did last week.

There will be a lot of things that Bliss shouldn’t do in the ring, and that’s okay. The important part is that she can still do a lot and she is learning more to compensate for what she must give up. Let’s just hope Alexa Bliss doesn’t have another concussion because she’s had enough of those as it is.

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