Effy Promises To ‘Kill You In The Streets’ Over Homophobia During His WrestleMania Weekend Event

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Effy is holding a Big Gay Brunch during WrestleMania Weekend and no bigotry is allowed. He wanted to make sure of that so Effy sent out a bit of a warning.

Effy’s Big Gay Brunch is going down on Saturday, April 4th at The Cuban Club, Tampa, FL. If you want to go and cause a scene by being all homophobic that’s not going to be tolerated. In fact, you might end up dead in the f*cking streets.

“Hi this is professional sports entertainer Effy here to let you know that if you are coming to Effy’s Big Gay Brunch we are excited to have you. We believe wrestling is for everyone. But, if we catch any little bit of anything homophobic, racist, misogynistic — anything along those lines we won’t just ask you to leave. We will publicly beat your ass in the f*cking street until you bleed out. Don’t f*ck with me come WrestleMania. Don’t f*ck with me come Tampa. I will f*cking kill you in the streets.”

Let’s hope that anyone who planned on coming to Effy’s Big Gay Brunch with intentions of being a nuisance and an overall awful person will rethink their WrestleMania plans.

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