Dolph Ziggler Reacts To Fan Saying He’d Be ‘More Appreciated’ In AEW

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Dolph Ziggler likes to have fun online. He recently posted some photos that looked like they were edited on MS Paint and he probably thought that would be the end of things. Then one fan asked about AEW and Ziggler had to respond.

Ziggler pasted The Bella Twin’ faces over his own face and Robert Roode’s. He also made it appear that Roode and himself are interviewing the Bellas. He said “Phoenix is going to be wild.”

One fan chimed in and asked the Show Off: “Do you still think about going to AEW? You would be appreciated more and get more opportunities that you deserve.”

Dolph Ziggler seemed interested to know how this fan got such inside info: “do you know that for a fact? Any evidence? Hahaha.”

Ziggler had an arrangement with Vince McMahon that saw him getting a ton of time off. Since his return, Ziggler has consistently remained on television, but he has played the part of a mid-card heel.

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