Jim Ross has been around the pro wrestling business for decades at this point, but his education started very young.

During a recent episode of Grilling JR, he revealed how his father actually exposed the business to him when he was in elementary school. The logic his father used revolved around the mounted 10 punches in the corner. He said to a tiny Jim Ross that no man alive could withstand 10 punches to the head without drawing any blood.

Ross said that he tried to reason with his father telling him that wrestlers just have thicker skin. As we all know they do not.

Then the WWE Hall Of Fame announcer went on to say that there is still one spot that he refuses to call to this day because it’s not believable.


“That’s like scratching. One of the spots that I hate more than anything. I won’t even commentate on them. I won’t sell them when a wrestler scratches another wrestler — claws them. Then when they’re done there’s not one single red mark on the guy’s back where he got scratched. Why did he do that? He’s not gonna beat someone with it. At least with Naitch chopped someone he would chop the living hell out of them.”

Jim Ross gets to witness plenty of innovative ideas as part of All Elite Wrestling. Don’t expect him to start calling any back scratches unless they draw blood.

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