Otis is more than excited about his Valentine’s Day date with Mandy Rose. That segment could draw considerable interest from fans.

While speaking to After The Bell, Otis revealed what Mandy Rose is like behind the scenes. He said she is awesome. Then he went on to talk about how his knack for Chris Farley impressions created a way for him to give Fire & Desire his own nicknames.

This led to him commenting on social media about Mandy Rose. Soon everyone was wondering if Otis was dating the Golden Goddess.

“Honestly, when I used to see pretty girls, I was super duper shy and not say a word to them. I’d be a little nervous and not talk normally without stuttering. So nowadays you get a little more confidence as you get older. It’s Mandy. She’s awesome. She grew up with brothers. The fans ask me, ‘how’s she behind the curtain?’ I say she’s awesome. She jokes around you know,” Otis said. “I started doing the Chris Farley stuff to her at the Performance Center. Like she’d start walking, and I’d go, ‘how you doing my beautiful peach.’ And I’d call Sonya my plum. Then coach Sara Amato goes, ‘we need everyone to have a fruit nickname.’ I go that’s hard to do because we’d call her a banana or a strawberry something in between there. It got out of hand because I was pretty good at nicknames.”


“Then just one day, I was sitting down, and she was posting all of her beautiful pictures online. I said, ‘what if I post a picture of her modeling pics and say you look great babe.’ Pretty soon that one post had more comments than actual likes because there were so many people that were just confused as to what was going on.”

“A week later on Google, when you typed in Otis, it said, ‘Otis and Mandy, are they really married?’ Something like that on the search bar. I’m like oh man this is kind of getting a little attention here so I just kept on like pretend creeping here on a post saying, ‘hey, you look great in this.'”

“I would pretend she was my girlfriend, and It was obvious, at the time, she’ not. It was just kind of a thing I was goofing around with. Finally got it going on in the WWE world. She’s awesome to work with too man. It’s basically working for free.”

We’ll have to see if Otis will finally get the girl on Friday Night SmackDown this week. He certainly has a lot of people rooting him on. It all started by having fun at the WWE Performance Center, but once their chemistry was featured on WWE television it was hard not to carry on and see where that angle will go next.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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