Drew McIntyre winning the 2020 Royal Rumble meant a lot to his fans. There were videos released all over the IWC after his Royal Rumble victory showing some major celebrations all over the world.

McIntyre saw the reactions and commented about it already. While on WWE The Bump he provided a bit of a warning. When his fans say that ‘if McIntyre doesn’t win then we riot’… they mean it.

“Like I said on Twitter the only time I’ve seen a pub react that way is when it’s a cup final. Not just a regular game, but a cup final in the last minute when someone scores a goal and wins the game that’s the only time I’ve seen people react like that.”

“To see them react like that for me winning the Rumble was unreal. I always remember fans saying that they want a particular Superstar to win or we riot. Like, there’s gonna be a lot of people coming from the UK and when they say ‘If Drew doesn’t win we riot’ it’s not just them saying it because it’s a cool thing to say. They will legitimately riot if I don’t beat Brock Lesnar. I’m training very hard between now and Mania for Brock Lesnar.”


Drew McIntyre said that Tampa is his American home as well. If he doesn’t win there could be a lot of very upset people at WrestleMania 36. This could add another very interesting element to WrestleMania, especially if there’s a riot afterward to protest the booking decision.

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