RVD Capitalizing On Impact Wrestling’s Twitch Ban

RVD let his personal life go on Impact Wrestling’s television show and it was too hot for Twitch. The Whole F’n Show’s little three-way celebration got the company banned from the popular streaming site.

Twitch doesn’t talk about accounts they ban, but they do have a very strict policy on adult content. They don’t want porn on Twitch and apparently, RVD’s Impact Wrestling segment was deemed too offensive.

Now RVD is taking a question to the people. He wants to know if they’d be interested in owning some merchandise to celebrate Impact Wrestling’s sudden departure from Twitch.

New T-shirt idea-
“Rob Ban Dam”
Yeah or nah?

This might be a clever idea. Since Impact Wrestling lost their Twitch affiliate status then they might as well make a few merch dollars off the ordeal.