Chris Benoit’s death and the tragic events surrounding that situation will never be forgotten. Over a dozen years after the horrible 2007 incident, his son David Benoit now wants to wrestle as Chris Benoit, Jr.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, David Benoit said that there was a time months before his father’s death when he was considering retirement.

David Benoit said that WWE offered Chris Benoit a backstage producer’s job in 2006, but he turned it down. While Benoit was recovering from an injury, David revealed that he approached his father and asked him to retire as well.

“He was thinking about it [retiring]. I’m pretty sure he was. I wanted him to, f*ck. He did everything, man. He had nothing left to prove. All the boys respected him, office respected him. He loved WWE. He wouldn’t take sh*t from nobody.”

We can only imagine how different the pro wrestling world would be today if Chris Benoit would have retired. David said that he assumes his father would be still working backstage in WWE to this day, or he could have gone to AEW.

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