Tessa Blanchard sent out a tweet today about supporting other women. She said “cool things” will happen when they do. She probably did not expect the storm coming her way.

Sienna reminded Tessa Blanchard about a time when she spit in a woman’s face and called her the N-Word. Apparently, that woman was La Black Rose. The Puerto Rican professional wrestler tweeted out to thank Sienna and Chelsea Green for using their platforms to share their stories.

She said if Tessa Blanchard can’t remember the event, then she certainly can.

@Sienna & @ImChelseaGreen Thank you so Much!!!!…….
That Story!!!!…. Yes, that’s happens on Japan 2017!!! If @Tessa_Blanchard do not Remember it … Can I!..


I am not a Mean Girl with any Coworkers around the world .

Be kind of #racist is not ridiculous is a #sickness

Sienna is the one who initially shared the story about Tessa Blanchard spitting in La Black Rose’s face. She later explained why she kept this to herself since 2017.

The reason I’ve never said anything until now is because it wasn’t my story to tell. I made it clear to La Rosa that I had her back, and today was the day she gave me permission. You can’t force someone to come forward, but you can be there for them. THAT is “supporting women”.

Sienna and La Black Rose are not the only ones who remember this incident in Japan. Rebel also tweeted out saying that she remembers the event.

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