WWE NXT UK Superstar Speaks Out About Tessa Blanchard’s Bullying

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Isla Dawn is currently signed to WWE under an NXT UK contract. Before venturing to WWE, she apparently experienced Tess Blanchard’s bullying firsthand.

Accusations have recently come out about Tessa Blanchard. Sienna said that Blanchard used the N-Word and spit in a woman’s face while in Japan. Chelsea Green said that she’s experienced Blanchard’s bullying. Rebel also spoke out to attest that the events in Japan did take place.

Now Isla Dawn is replying and hopes that Blanchard’s initial message of women supporting other women will be taken to heart.

As someone who experienced your bullying firsthand, received regular verbal abuse, was spat on, had rumours spread about me, dealt with multiple attempts by you to blacklist me from other companies, (plus more), I just pray you now follow your own advice.

This all started when Tessa Blanchard tweeted out: “Hey women, try supporting one another. Cool things happen.” The irony of the social media storm that followed is hard not to notice.

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