2019 is closing up and it doesn’t appear that WWE will be releasing anyone else. They surprised a lot of fans after releasing the handful of Superstars that they recently let go.

Luke Harper, The Ascension, and Sin Cara might have been the most recent releases. WWE still let quite a few people go over the year. Some of them have already found new pro wrestling homes, but others are still waiting for the next opportunity to come around. There are also those who decided to leave the company on their own.

Below you can find a list of WWE Superstars who were released in 2019. Not all of them wanted to leave the company, but WWE did grant a few release requests along the way.

Dean Ambrose decided that he was not re-signing with WWE. He allowed his contract to expire which meant he kept his royalties. As Jon Moxley, he is now one of the top stars in All Elite Wrestling. He is also working for New Japan Pro Wrestling.


Hideo Itami was released after he requested to be let go from the company in February. He has already re-appeared in NJPW as Kenta.

Jim Ross allowed his WWE contract to expire in March. He didn’t stay out of the game very long at all. He soon joined AEW’s announce team.

Rhyno claims that WWE offered him double his contract just to sit at home. He decided to leave WWE in July this year instead. He is currently working the indies and appearing for Impact Wrestling.

TJP was released from WWE and it was a bit of a surprise. There were rumors that unapproved tattoos might have been the cause for his February release. He soon found his way back to Impact Wrestling.

Tye Dillinger also requested his WWE release and he was let go in February. It didn’t take him long to show up in AEW as Shawn Spears.

Goldust requested his WWE release and it was granted on April 20th. This was soon followed by Dustin Rhodes showing up in AEW as a star and a backstage coach.

Dean Malenko left WWE in April this year after 18 years with the company. He is now a coach for All Elite Wrestling.

Percy Watson was also let go in 2019. He wanted to leave WWE in order to pursue other projects outside of pro wrestling.

Jordan Myles is no longer with WWE. He is now Super ACH on the indies once again, that is if he comes out of retirement. He left WWE after controversial t-shirt was released depicted blackface.

Arn Anderson was fired from his job as a backstage producer in WWE this year. This came about after he allowed Alicia Fox to wrestle match while she was intoxicated. He didn’t know she wasn’t sober, but it still caused his exit. At this time, Arn Anderson might be close with AEW, but he hasn’t officially signed with them.

Eric Bischoff was hired as Executive Director of Friday Night SmackDown in July. That didn’t last very long at all as Easy E was fired about four months later. Bruce Prichard was then moved in to take his role. Bischoff wasn’t even contacted about the nWo’s WWE Hall Of Fame induction.

Dasha Fuentes was fired from WWE just before WrestleMania this year. She was called “robotic” by some, but upon jumping to AEW as Dasha Gonzalez it was pretty clear that she has personality to spare.

The Ascension were released from their WWE contracts in December. They were never used, but it’s unknown if they requested their releases. Viktor certainly seemed happy about it though. They are under a 90 day non-compete clause until March.

Sin Cara was released from WWE weeks after publicly announcing that he requested it. He then showed up at a AAA event the next weekend under the Sin Cara name without WWE’s permission. Now he is securing his new Cinta de Ora name on the indies.

Luke Harper was granted his release from WWE in December nearly eight months after requesting it. He is still under a 90 day non-compete clause as of this writing, but odds are we’ll be seeing more of Brodie Lee in 2020.

WWE also released a few members of the WWE Performance Center this year. Some of those stars never got a chance to show what they could do. This included Nasser Alruwayeh, WWE’s first Kuwait signee.

Shadia Bseiso was also released from WWE. She participated in the WWE tryout in Dubai and was WWE’s first Arab signee.

Ricardo Miller was also released from WWE. The Michigan Football standout didn’t have much of a run in the squared circle.

Stacey Ervin, Jr was also released from WWE. He was granted a request after receiving a ton of praise for his potential. He came from the gymnastics world where he turned a lot of heads. After working several live events he was granted his release following an injury.

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