Sin Cara and the rest of the people released last week can’t work anywhere else until March 8th. That didn’t stop Cara from showing up at a AAA show last night and getting involved.

They used the Sin Cara name and mask. This was very surprising for a lot of reasons. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez commented that Sin Cara either “got the okay” from WWE “or he’s out of his mind.”

“Well, he had the Sin Cara WWE mask on, he used the Sin Cara name. So, he either got the okay or he’s out of his mind.’

Dave Meltzer went on to discuss this interesting situation. It could be a matter of WWE not having the ownership of Sin Cara’s name and likeness in Mexico. Either way, it’s still very interesting. WWE could have always approved it, but why would they?


“I don’t know if WWE approved it or they just said — well, it could be just the mentality of ‘I’m doing it in Mexico’ because of all that stuff, you know what I mean? The thing is that the name, you know what they may not have trademarked the name in Mexico. It’s possible they didn’t. It’s not in the United States.”

“As far as the 90-day non compete um… I don’t know, you know if they thought they could get away — you know they may have worked a deal with WWE. I mean more likely than not they did.”

Bryan Alvarez further noted that “it’s not like he went to AEW, he did a show in Mexico.” That might make all the difference for WWE. Dave Meltzer said: “It’s not on American television, it’s on Twitch.”

Let’s just keep a close eye on this situation, but it certainly appears that Sin Cara will be wrestling for AAA under his WWE moniker.

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