Xavier Woods might be out with an Achilles injury, but he’s made plenty of Christmas memories in the ring. One of them he still regrets.

During The New Day: Feel The Power, Xavier Woods took a moment to address any fellow pro wrestlers who might not look too highly on Holiday themed gimmick matches. Woods implored them to love those Christmas matches because it’s a chance to get themselves on camera.

Those gimmick matches might be frivolous, but they can also be an incredibly memorable experience for everyone involved.

“Okay, so this is to any — I wanna talk for .2 seconds to any independent wrestlers that are listening to this who are trying to get their way into WWE. You hear so many horror stories like ‘Ah I finally made it to the main roster, I made it to WWE, I made it to where ever and now I’m not doing anything. They’ve got me doing these weird matches. I don’t like this!’ Yo, any match you can get is a time to get yourself on TV and to get into somebody’s mind to make them laugh, to make them cry, to make them feel any sort of emotion.”


“So, when you see people doing these Christmas matches — these ridiculous matches and you’re thinking, ‘Oh man I wish they would use them better.’ Bro, we’re having the time of our life out there. From that Christmas show I know I watched that whole show. I don’t remember anything that happened on that show. The Thanksgiving show, I don’t remember anything else that happened, but I remember that match. So, just know stay on your hustle, stay on your grind, and if you get a match that’s not a twenty minute brawling wrestling match enjoy it because the more you enjoy it the more everyone else will enjoy it.”

The New Day were spending the episode running through Christmas memories. They usually keep a theme like when they listed off every proposed name WWE pitched them for their stable. In regards to those Christmas matches, they might be fun, but Scott Dawson still has the marks to prove that those bumps still hurt.

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