Scott Dawson Shows Off Battle Wounds After Taking Lego Bump

The Revival competed against Heavy Machinery in a Miracle On 34th Street Fight. This is a SmackDown tradition, but this year Scott Dawson took a bump on Lego blocks and so much more. Now he has the marks to prove it.

Scott Dawson tweeted out a picture of his tattered back along with a message. He suggests that if someone suggests that you take a bump into Lego blocks, a ramp, and a Christmas tree just say no.

If someone tries to suplex you on a ramp, or slam you on a pile of legos, or throw you into a Christmas tree…just run away.

The Revival could be turning into comedy characters in WWE. We’ll have to see how that evolves. In the meantime, at least Scott Dawson has a few days off so his back can heal.