Goldberg’s second wave in WWE has been wrapped around his family. He even brought his son into the ring for post-match celebrations. According to Goldberg, that was all by design.

While speaking to Steve Austin on The Broken Skull Sessions, Goldberg explained why he brought his family into the WWE Universe. He never would have done so unless he needed a reason. His family provided him with a “crutch” to excuse himself for not being the same 295 pound beast he once was.

“That was the first time that the wrestling business had seen someone other than the ass kicking machine that blows smoke out of his nose. And that was all by design because if you’re a power wrestler and you come back 16 years far removed and you used to eat fricken people and spit them out of your ass you have to have an excuse not to be that guy, right?”

“So, I added a layer to my character and I let my family in on it. I never in a trillion years would have let my family be on camera prior to the situation I found myself in where Goldberg needed an excuse not to be 295.”


“I had to be vulnerable because what I presented was a different package that couldn’t attain what he attained before based upon his ferocity, his mental make-up and his physicality because I wasn’t that guy. I needed a crutch.”

Steve Austin remarked that Goldberg’s “crutch” got him hooked. Goldberg told a much different story during his second run with WWE and it was based around his family. This gave him an excuse to be presented more as a vulnerable father than a wrecking machine.

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