Edge reported signed new deal with WWE. The thinking is that he sought out medical clearance and will eventually wrestle again. He’s not likely to be full time, but fans are still excited.

Edge tried to kill his return rumor. This came months after he nailed spear during the SummerSlam kickoff show in Toronto.

Bryan Alvarez explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that Edge is likely at least somewhat cleared. Since Edge had to retire due to a neck injury it doesn’t make much sense that he would be allowed to hit a spear otherwise.

“Here’s all I can tell you, okay? Edge retired because his neck was all messed up. They would not clear him to wrestle, okay? Dave covered this in the Observer and then Edge tweeted out something like ‘no I’m not and no I’m not.’ Now, everyone thought this was a denial that he was signed with WWE and he was cleared to wrestle, okay? So, all I can tell you about this is that they did a show and in a [kickoff show] segment he got in the ring and delivered a spear.”


“Now, let me tell you something there’s no way that a guy who isn’t cleared for in-ring action is going to return and do a spear. If you call Paige retired because of an injury and when they wanted to write her out of storylines there was zero physical contact. Asuka blew mist in her face and she sat down and laid down.”

“They are not letting Edge deliver a spear unless there is at least some semblance of clearance. Now, I don’t know if he’s fully cleared, I don’t know anything about this. All I know is Edge did this and it’s what I was told and there was a denial.”

Edge can deny all he wants. If he’s just trying to kill the reports for a bigger surprise upon his actual return, then that makes sense. What doesn’t add up is that WWE would let Edge deliver a spear if he was really medically disqualified.

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