Edge made his return to the ring for one Spear at Summerslam and it was a big moment. As he interrupted Elias’ concert the fans popped huge and the internet has reacted in a big way as well with the YouTube video of his surprise return hitting 4.9 million views this morning.

During E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, Edge had a chance to explain how his Spear spot came about. Apparently, it was a very last minute thing, but he needed that conclusion to his week as it had been an emotional one.

Edge said he got to Toronto on Tuesday and it was the first time he was up there since his mother passed away. He said it was “weird, surreal, cathartic though.” He also had a ton of laughs with old friends and he revealed that WWE Network cameras were following him around for a project he can’t spoil yet.

Christian then said about five or ten minutes before the Summerslam kickoff show started on Sunday that Edge was “walking around with a sh*t eating grin on his face.” He asked Edge what was up and the only reply he received was: “You’ll see.” Obviously, he was smiling about his upcoming run-in with Elias.

Edge explained why he had such a big grin on his face as well. Because he had just found out about the spot with Elias himself.

“First of all, the reason I had a sh*t eating grin was literally about five minutes before I saw you I found out or was asked, ‘What do you think? Wanna do a promo?’ So it was probably fifteen minutes before you saw me go out there so year, it was all that last minute.”

“Like, I think poor Elias had to go write a song in fifteen minutes. So it tells you how much of a pro he is.”

Edge said it was “flying by the seat of your pants” and he just agreed to do the spot with Elias. This was not something he had planned on, but it was certainly a huge surprise for the Toronto crowd.

We previously reported that Vince McMahon needed some convincing before Edge was allowed to do the spot. Obviously, it was okay for him to pull off.

Hitting the spear was no big deal for Edge though because when he’s acting he does his own stunts. He revealed that he has done a couple of spears before in his acting. He said “in terms of my neck there’s a lot of miseducation.” He has since learned a lot more about his neck injury and now he knows what his limitations actually are. Apparently, that does not disqualify him from hitting his finisher.

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