Xavier Woods is currently out of action with an Achilles injury. This will keep him away from the ring for a long time, but he is doing what he can to recover. This includes catching up on Pokemon.

While watching the first episode of Pokemon, Woods said that he sees things differently as an adult. He is now thinking about all of the children under ten years old who were handed Pokeballs and told to go make a Pokemon Master out of themselves without any adult supervision. We could have a lot of deaths on our hands that the famous Anime doesn’t address.

“So 10 and under are given Pokemon and go on this mission with no adult supervision. When I was 10 it was hard enough for me to wipe my own cheeks let alone fight animals with an animal sidekick. I don’t understand this.”

“How many of those kids actually make it to the first gym and get their first badge. How many of those kids are just rotting away in tall grass because Pokemon did them in? Hm?”


“We don’t talk about that. We don’t even think about that. Yes, it’s very dark I understand that, but logistically speaking is Pokemon essentially their universe’s way of having Battle Royale or… Hunger Games… is that the point to quell the population because there’s too many people?”

Xavier Woods made a point that a child really can’t survive in the wilderness very well without much help. It is certainly an interesting theory. It also did a number on our childhoods in the process.

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