Goldberg’s run in WCW was halted in a big way when he decided to take matters into his own hands. He had an object intended to smash limo windows out, but in the heat of the moment Goldberg didn’t use it. Then he smashed the window himself and cut himself in a big way.

Years later, Goldberg can look back at this error and realize what happened. During the Broken Skull Sessions, Goldberg opened up about this huge error in judgement.

“Yeah you know some things I may have taken personally. I made poor judgement because I was mad and opposed to grabbing a sledgehammer so I thought I’d use my own sledgehammer.”

“It was like TV and I hit it and it goes through like a cheese grater and I look down and go, ‘Oh, this is nice.’ It’s live TV. White limousine I go to the front, you know great video, great shot — BOOM — blood went everywhere. I just went nuts.”

That injury for Goldberg pulled him out of a big storyline when they could have used him. This was during a portion of his WCW career when he wasn’t really happy with things. It’s good that he isn’t angry about it all those years later.

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