Roman Reigns kicked off RAW on October 22nd, 2018 and he revealed that he has leukemia. He took months off to focus on his health and he returned to let everyone know he is in remission.

Cody Rhodes cut a passionate promo during his build to Full Gear. Fans dubbed this promo “The Silver Spoon” promo and he received praise from all around including The Rock.

Ric Flair recently spoke to Wrestling Inc where he praised AEW’s promo work. They are letting their stars go out there and reveal a piece of themselves to the fans much like Roman Reigns did on that sad night when he revealed that his leukemia came back.

“That’s a very positive part of their promotion. I think Jericho’s done a hell of a job. The piece they did for Cody getting ready for the championship match I thought was great. It was very true and heartfelt.”


“It’s like when Roman came out and told the world that he had leukemia. I was just there the week before and I never heard anything about it. I was like, ‘Holy Christ. How do I not know this?'”

All Elite Wrestling is really connecting with their fan base in ways that a lot of pro wrestling companies haven’t been able to in the past. Perhaps they can continue on and use the parts that are working in order to guarantee the success of the company. Ric Flair certainly seems to be enjoying what they are doing.

Felix Upton

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