WWE had a great little show called Talking Smack which aired after SmackDown every week. Renee Young and Daniel Bryan hosted the unscripted show and a lot of things happened in the course of that series.

The Miz broke out and cut his infamous promo on the entire pro wrestling industry on Talking Smack. They were able to let Superstars display a part of themselves and their characters that were not scripted. Plenty of fans loved the atmosphere, but then Vince McMahon killed the show.

While speaking to TV Insider, Renee Young said that Fox is working closely with them to help turn WWE Backstage into something that WWE never gave Talking Smack a chance to be before axing it.

“It’s nice to have the resources of FOX. We work with the producers there to come up with what works and doesn’t work. We bounce off each other. Going back to what I was doing with WWE, one of the things I was most proud of and had the most fun on was Talking Smack. It was so loose.”


“We really went on there with no script. We would wing it and try to make the best show we could. I think the fans really felt that authenticity from myself and Daniel Bryan. Now to work with FOX and develop this show and turn it into something Talking Smack wasn’t able to be.”

WWE Backstage is still gaining an audience and momentum. CM Punk was on the show again this week and we’ll have to see if they can top the 180,000 fans who tuned in to see what the Second City Savior had to say last time.

It is interesting how they totally ignored the two Superstar suspensions for Wellness Policy violations that broke yesterday. As WWE Backstage continues they might eventually say or do something that WWE isn’t too happy about. It’s a good thing that Vince McMahon can’t pull the plug on the show since it’s under Fox Sports’ roof.

Felix Upton

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