John Morrison spent a very long time away from WWE. He made some great friends during his first run and he almost got one of them killed by Bob Holly. John Morrison can’t wait to mix it up with some people he hasn’t had the opportunity to share the ring with yet.

During Morrison’s appearance on WWE The Bump, Kayla Braxton read a list of names to him. He had a lot of good things to say about Ricochet and he really digs Finn Balor’s accent. Then they got to Aleister Black and his response was quite interesting.

“It would be awesome to be in there with Aleister. I mean it would be a little rough for him to be in there with someone who’s got better kicks than him. It’s not about what Aleister wants, it’s about what’s best for the WWE Universe […] my feet are ambitious, man. These past seven years my feet went to college.”

“I say that because I would love to wrestle the guy. I don’t understand what he’s doing though. He’s sitting in the dark with the lights off waiting on people to knock on his door. He’s at the arena right? Why doesn’t he just turn the lights on and go find somebody?”


There is a locker room full of people who might be willing to pick a fight with Aleister Black. It seems like John Morrison and his educated feet are now in line to pick a fight with him.

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H Jenkins

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